Spent my 2nd day in melbourne captivated by bliss. My happiness is often correlated to the presence of beautiful friends that care (and that I know care) creating something or expressing myself, and typically the food I’m eating. I’m killing time right now in a melbourne library but the vibe is maudlin. Someone is playing a piano somewhere above me and i’m happy with not thinking about anything that has hurt me lately and enjoying everything the universe has given to me. I am so lucky. My friend Hannah made me this badge at sticky institute where we met up and I made one for her in return (perhaps I’ll post it at some point) and I made the other two. I’ll cherish these badges forever I think. One of the badges is purely pink and says “gwen stefani” it’s honestly unfortunate that it hasn’t been brought into the world before today. Afterwards we explored a bit of melbourne and people watched for an hour which was very wonderful and serene. It’s not often you can find a friend who can sit there and say or do nothing with you but appreciate it all the same. My friend Adelaide let me stay at her place last night and it was very kind and great, and also let me borrow her blue mesh, because of reasons…fashion reasons

I guess i’m only a little bit sad because someone I was really looking forward to seeing today couldn’t hang out because of some pain they had to relive. It hurts me to see someone I care about hurt, even though I don’t even know you that well.

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